Protect a Lifetime of Savings
We apply technology to combat the financial abuse of older Americans. Our proactive financial defense network detects and prevents fraud, unauthorized use of credit cards, unusual cash withdrawals, missing deposits and abnormal changes in spending patterns. Protect yourself, your assets and your income with eXscan.
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Guarding Seniors Against Financial Exploitation
  • Provides bank-level security and 24/7 protection
  • Scans your financial accounts daily
  • Detects unusual spending patterns, charges and withdrawals
  • Alerts you to suspicious activity
A Growing
  • 10,000 Americans turn 65 every day
  • 70% of the nation's wealth belongs to those 60 or over
  • Isolation can make seniors a target for financial predators
  • Elder financial abuse is vastly underreported
Seniors Lose More than
$2.9 Billion Annually to
Financial Exploitation
Elder financial abuse has been called the "Crime of the 21st Century." Learn more about this growing epidemic and understand the common signs of elder financial exploitation.
We're Vigilant
About Security
With eXscan, your information is always safe and secure. We employ multiple levels of security to protect your financial data and we don't store the full account number.
Mom's Financial Abuse
Inspires Breakthrough
Howard Tischler's mother was financially exploited. This devastating experience led to the founding of eXscan, the first technology-based solution designed to guard older Americans against financial exploitation.